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A Prediction Tells Apple Airpods Will Hit 85 Million Units Sold In 2020

Have you ever tried Apple Airpods yet? For people who do not know about this item yet – it is a wireless in-ear headphone that is made by Apple. It is a convenient gadget that many people love and ready to spend their money on purchasing when a new version is out.

According to analytics and prediction from Toni Sacconaghi, the market of Apple Airpods will grow more than ever. Based on this report, Apple might have a chance to expand this most-effective market and could reach 85 million sold unites of Airpods.

Besides, Apple is working to improve the design, capability, and performance of this wireless in-ear headphone to make it more useful to consumers. Of course, it does not mean that all buyers consider all of those factors to purchase Airpods. Most of them come to this wireless headphone because of the design and its brand name. However, we can not deny that Apple has brought to us a nice and top-quality headphone to use for multiple purposes, including making voice and video calls or listening to favorite music.

Apple . Airpods Pro

But several opposite discussions tell Apple might not reach that predicted quantity. In fact, there are many differences that Apple will need to confront in order to scale up this potential business. That being said, Apple might not be able to reach the ratio that has predicted before.

We do not really know which side will be won but it seems Apple is trying hard to improve its products and keep releasing new devices to consumers. In the meantime, if you want to purchase Apple Airpods, go to the official store and find your best price. To bring a new Airpods or Airpods Pro to your home, you have to spend $159 or $249, respectively.

Do not hesitate to share with us what do you think about this new in-ear wireless headphone from Apple.


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